English Premier League - A Climatic Ending

EPL Championship Trophy

The last day of the English Premier League season is Sunday morning, and for Queens Park Rangers, Bolton, Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle, it will determine where they will play next year. Unlike American sports, there are no playoffs or draft position to be concerned about. Five out of the 10...

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Who's to Blame for Tom Brady's Struggles?

It's been more than a week since Jimmy Garoppolo led the New England offense out onto the field at Arrowhead Stadium, with living legend Tom Brady sitting morosely on the bench with an exasperated look of frustration and defeat on his face. Getting benched in the fourth quarter is not...

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Former Red Sox Manager Heart Still With Alma Mater

Former Red Sox manager and new ESPN Sunday Night Baseball commentator, Terry Francona, took sometime to give back to his alma mater, University of Arizona. Since Red Sox Nation still think highly of him and been giving endless praise for what he did during his 8 years as manager, this...

Is it time for Theo Epstein to go?

Is it time for Theo Epstein to go?

The architect of the 2011 Boston Red Sox was general manager, Theo Epstein. He became manager in 2003, one year before they won the title in 2004.  He has been praised with fanfare from fans, and owners.  After the debacle the last month (and first month) of the season, missing...

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