Don't Touch His Waves

For the past month I've been trying to dive into the story about Adrian Beltre and his issues in the dugout when teammates touch his head. 7 Sports Extra finally got me the information that I wanted on Sunday night, July 11. The answer to my question was just as simple as I thought it would be. Beltre doesn't want to get his waves messed up.

Victor Martinez first began the onslaught of head touching after Beltre hit a home run at Fenway Park earlier this month. Adrian returned to the dugout after hitting one over the Monster and Victor celebrated him by rubbing his head. Beltre then became aggressive and hit Martinez in the dugout, causing Red Sox fans to believe there were a bigger issue between the teammates. The running joke continued on for the remainder of the month with other players such as Marco Scutaro, JD Drew, David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis getting involved.

It may not be as serious as we thought in the beginning with Beltre taking out teammates (Ellsbury, Hermida and Martinez) on the field, but this does show that the 2010 Boston Red Sox do have antics in the club house that can compare to the 2004 Red Sox team. They may not be duct taping Beltre in the dugout, but the Red Sox have found something that brings more fun into the club house and gives the fans reassurance that the team chemistry is there and developing more.

When teammates were asked about it themselves, they all replied with the same answer. "He spends a lot of time getting his waves right and doesn't want them to be messed up". For a guy on a one year contract that everyone assumes will be out at the end of the 2010 season, maybe these antics will be enough to build the relationship that the Red Sox need with the gold glove third baseman to hang around for a few years longer.

Thanks to Dinur for the photo of Adrian Beltre.

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