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  1. May 14, 2010 at 2:11 pm | | Reply

    “Lebron simply does not make his teammates better”

    Nice piece Adam, but are you kidding me? LBJ doesn’t make his teammates better? He’s one of the most gifted passing forwards in the game if not of all time. If anything he’s too unselfish on the court IMO. No, he didn’t have a great series, but he had a damn good series. Supporting cast awful. Plain awful, outsideo Sideshow Bob (Varejao). Delonte West (awful).. Jamison (awful).. Shaq (awful and killed them on both ends of the court). LBJ is getting unjustifiably bashed right now. Put Jordan with that group and tell me how far they go.

  2. May 14, 2010 at 2:33 pm | | Reply

    That’s exactly my point though. Put Jordan with that crew and they might not play well but they’d at least play average to decent. Put Lebron with an awful cast and they’re an awful cast. Put Jordan with an awful cast and they’re an average cast.

    Are they better with LBJ than without? Yup. And you’re right, Lebron was too unselfish. But that’s part of knowing the flow of the game and knowing when you need to take the ball and be a one man show and when you can dish it off to your teammates. Him taking control of the game helps the Cavs as it forces the C’s to pay more attention to him giving his crew better looks.

    Rondo makes his teammates better because he knows when to drive and shoot/dish and when to pass it around from the start of the possession, LBJ doesn’t. Lebron doesn’t have a feel for the the moment, something champions must possess.

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    I don’t know man.. Fact is (like it or not, make fun of it or not..he was hurt somewhat in that series) but how’d he do with an even worse cast of characters when he had that epic battle with Pierce in Game 7 2008? I just feel too much is being made of one series with a very marginal at best supporting cast.

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    every superstar needs their ‘Pippen’.. When he gets his, like you say, watch out. There’s no Pippen or distant cousin of Pippen on that Cavs team.

    Good piece.


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    yeah, even LBJ with just Bosh OR Wade (one or the other) added to that crew in Chi-Town, watch out.

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