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  1. June 18, 2010 at 11:13 am | | Reply

    I’ll make this comment short and sweet since I just wrote an epic comment about it at Universal Hub (will link to it when it gets posted), but the NBA really needs to copy college football and have a ref (or two or even three) that watches the game on a big HD screen and can initiate replays or overturn bad calls. It goes both ways, there were some poor calls on the Celtics and some on the Lakers but overall it does seem that more calls went the Lakers way than the Celtics way.

    Simply put, the game is too fast and the players are too strong and too big for a human to call the game accurately from the floor in real-time. I’m not stating that there was a conspiracy or anything like that. I am saying that it is nearly impossible for the refs to call the game accurately from the floor in real-time and the NBA needs to realize that and use the technology available to them to help refs call a game accurately.

    I don’t think there’s an NBA fan alive who would disagree that games are simply not officiated 100% accurately. It’s not the refs fault, it’s the NBA’s fault for expecting their refs to be super-human. Fix the officiating or watch your product stumble and fall off the charts, again.

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