Is Indiana Basketball Back?

University of Indiana Freshen, Cody Zeller

University of Indiana Freshen, Cody Zeller

The storied program at the University of Indiana has gone through a rough decade since Bobby Knight left, but it appears to be reemerging.

I am convinced with this team, but not all fans and pundits are. They are lead by Tom Crean, who spent the past 4 seasons, since taking the throne at Indiana, to rebuild it back to what it once was.

Indiana has a 15-1 record, with its only loss was at Michigan State. That’s part of the problem though. They have played only four games outside of Assembly Hall (Evansville, NC State, Michigan St Penn St).

Indiana is now in Big 10 play, the conference pundits say is the toughest conference this season, per conference RPI rankings. Indiana is currently ranked 5th in the RPI. has them ranked 8th.

I been sold on this team since they beat Kentucky mid-December, but there is still a reason to be optimistic. March is still a long ways away.

There is still room on the bandwagon, and expect more to hop on win after win. The next ranked team they face on the road is on January 15 when they visit #6 Ohio St and January 26 at #16 Wisconsin. Guaranteed more will join the bandwagon with wins.

* All rankings, and records as of January 8 night.

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    IU is going to be tough next year, they are projected at #1

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