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  1. September 15, 2010 at 12:34 pm | | Reply

    I also think there should be some penalties for agents. Right now, I believe they can just carry on while the players get penalties. Perhaps barring agents from contacting players if they’ve violated rules would help entice agents to not encourage players to break the rules too.

    I can totally understand why a college player would accept money, just consider if Reggie Bush tore out his knees and ended up not getting drafted. That risk encourages players to accept money from agents and gives agents a great persuasion reason to encourage players to break the rules.

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    Do you think paying players is a possible solution? I’ve always considered the free education, room & board, etc. as payment enough but maybe it’s simply not. Getting a part time job seems nearly impossible for a D1A player, perhaps providing a small stipend to athletes would help? Though, that raises another question, how would we decide which athletes would get a stipend? Only football and basketball players or everyone?

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    I don’t think that paying college athletes is acceptable. As you stated, they already have enough expenses covered through scholarships and grants.

    I think that they need to understand what their future goals in professional sports are and not jeopardize that for themselves. If you begin to pay college student-athletes, you then open up a whole new can of worms that could violate other NCAA policies and also cause conflict between universities, student-athletes, families and boosters.

    They will make their fair share of money when they make it to the professional level and simply need to live within their means as a student-athlete and not worry about the mansions and bentley’s while they are attemtpting to create a professional career and achieve their degree(s).

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